PVC Welding Screens

Welding Curtain PVC Film and Tinted Screen Film

Welding Curtain and Tinted Screen material from PFC is intended primarily for the use in industrial curtains, weld screen and/or barrier partitions. Material is stocked in 5 colors and also available in a standard double polished clear.

Specifically formulated to block UV light emitted by welding arcs, with additional Flame Retardant additives, UV stabilizers, and low-temperature characteristics. The rolls are also lightly dusted to maintain a non-tack surface.   This non-tack formulation allows for the PVC to release off the roll with more ease while out in the field or fabricating into larger curtains.



.014” x 72” x 90 yds x 154 lbs./roll; 

.014” x 61” x 106 yds x 154 lbs./roll

  • Dark Blue Tint
  • #00-471472S-T08
  • #00-471461S-T08
  • Dark Yellow Tint
  • #00-471472S-T61
  • #00-471461S-T61
  • Charcoal Tint
  • #00-471472S-T88
  • #00-471461S-T88
  • Dark Red Tint
  • #00-471472S-T20
  • #00-471461S-T20
  • Dark Green Tint
  • #00-471472S-T64
  • #00-471461S-T64
  • Clear
  • #00-471472S-T00