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  • Glossary
  • HDPE Sheet: Also known as polyethylene high density (PEHD), HDPE is a unique thermoplastic distinguished by its strength. HDPE is harder & more rigid than low density polyethylene sheet and has a higher tensile strength. It is three times better in compressive strength tests. Stronger and more opaque than standard forms of polyethylene, it can act as a barrier against moisture and remains solid at room temperature alongside displaying UV resistant attributes that block out harmful rays from the sun. 
    Additionally, it proves environmentally friendly during its production and use by a consumer with no leaking of toxic chemicals. Its thermoplastic characteristic makes HDPE easily recyclable as it can be melted down into liquid form and it is much more commonly recycled than its other polyethylene counterpart, LDPE.
  • Polypropylene Sheet: Polypropylene, sometimes abbreviated as PP, is a thermoplastic polymer that has been around since the 1950s. It is the second most popular type of plastic and the polypropylene market is predicted to grow to $145 billion by the year 2019. PP sheet has a glossy surface and a good strength to weight ratio. Polypropylene can be easily welded.
  • Pressed PVC Sheet: Pressed PVC Sheet, available in standard or with scratch resistant properties, is our Premium PVC Sheet. It has the highest rating for optical clarity for a PVC sheet. The Sheet is engineered to resist the damaging effects of the sun's rays and is ideal for outdoor and marine use. The standard Pressed Polished Sheet is a lower priced alternative to the scratch resistant Pressed Sheet. We stock an extensive inventory with a large number of widths, tints and gauges.
  • PVC Film: Also recognized as a thermoplastic material that can be highly manipulated with the application of heat, it is ideal for a wide range of manufactured applications. PVC itself has a high hardness structure but it can be made more flexible and soft by adding plasticizers.
  • TPU Film: Polyurethane Film is also commonly referred to as TPU, Urethane or PU film. Thermal Plastic Urethane was first developed in 1937 and has for decades been used in the manufacture of a unique class of films. Their are several properties that make TPU films preferable to common films such as PP, PE and PVC are.