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As a plastic film supplier and distributor since 1978, we have offered a stock line of plastic films for ‘just in time’ deliveries for multiple industries throughout North America.  In addition to our stock line of plastic films and sheets, PFC has strongly focused on the importance of individual companies that need specialized film for their manufacturing needs. Our multiple warehouses and relationships with our manufacturers have given us the capability to develop plastics all over the world and work to the needs of what our clients expect for their long-term success. Plastic Film Corporation is your one-stop shop for all your plastic film needs. Contact us to learn more!

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PFC currently inventories one of the largest lines of PVC film, TPU film and HDPE sheet for industrial applications and bookbinding/POP industry. Along with our stock line of materials, our main strength with custom products and warehousing programs have set us above the rest in capabilities and experience.

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The bookbinding, stationery, and Point of Purchase business' are where the initial development of PFC began over 40 years ago. We patented our own finish on our film to help accommodate the manufacturers with multiple uses and less inventory, and have developed new films and products directly with our clients and maintained a quality film to meet all of today’s demanding regulations. PVC film and roll stoc, along with High Density Polypropylene (HDPE) sheet stock is available and ready for ‘next day’ delivery. PFC is constantly watching the marketplace and listening to our clients.

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PFC has been a supplier of quality swimming pool liner film for over a decade. Under our strict quality specifications and award-winning design personnel, we have ranked amongst the highest selling patterns in overall pool liners. Every year, we are building new designs, and keeping up with the current trends and expansive preferences of the end consumer.

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Last Chance & Inventory Closeout

Ever looking for a deal or need to fulfill a small odd job?  We have an extensive line of discontinued items and overstocked custom widths and color.  We can answer any of your questions on these films, please look over the list and inquire with any of our internal sales force.

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PFC takes pride in our knowledgeable staff and direct relationship with all of our manufacturers and engineers. Plastic Film Corporation can meet your needed requirements, whatever the type of plastic substrate. If we cannot manufacture it or immediately help you with our stock supply, we can assist you in sourcing it. Contact us today to learn more.

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