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Our business is built on your needs.

Plastic Film Corporation Facility

Plastic Film Corporation was founded in 1977 by John Bittner and Dick Smith. Their collaboration brought together solid technical expertise in multiple industrial applications and an in-depth knowledge of the flexible plastics industry; an ideal combination for marketing PVC films.

From this simple beginning as a two-man brokerage, Plastic Film Corporation has grown to become North America's largest distributor of quality plastic films and related products. With fully stocked warehouses in Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Ontario, Canada, PFC is willing and able to fill your "just in time" material needs.

The underlying philosophy upon which PFC has been built is to offer our clients only the highest quality materials and services at a competitive price. Our stock lines are manufactured to the most exacting standards in the industry, using the highest quality of raw material to allow for consistency and stability. We are constantly maintaining and evaluating our formulations to make sure we stand above the competition and allow us to guarantee a quality product.

Our stock line of plastic sheet and film are only a portion of our business today. Beyond our stock line, we thrive on providing custom runs throughout multiple industries. The manufacturers we currently represent offer an extensive range in capabilities, providing multiple specifications for a wide variety of industries. Beyond just PVC we have grown in our capabilities and technical knowledge, such as in Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PLA Films and other specialty plastics.

PFC's strength lies in our ability to match your needs with the best manufacturer of a desired product, to stock it for timely delivery and to provide excellent technical support and customer service. We have forged alliances with manufacturers whom we feel are the best in their particular specialties. Rather than strictly dealing with a sole manufacturer who may have various strengths and weaknesses, PFC researches the options and supplies you with material from the very best source of that needed product.