Tent & Awning Window Film and Partitions

Double Polished Clear Tent & Plastic Awning Film

Plastic Film Corporation's tent & awning window film is an ideal solution for all your plastic window film and partition material needs. Our Double Polished Clear is a premium flexible PVC roll stock featuring UV inhibitors, flame retardant additives and cold crack properties --ideal for the outdoor market. This stock is rated to meet 1000 hours, -20CC and NFPA-701, with an additional Low Cohesion Formulation. We stock an extensive inventory of widths, tints and gauges in our warehouses throughout the country.

Tent Window Film Features:

  • Ultra Clear Double Polished Clear - Excellent Clarity
  • Soft Hand
  • 100 lbs/roll
  • Boxed to maintain quality and prevent damage
  • UV rated to 1000 hours
  • -20 Cold Crack Rated
  • Flame Retardant Additives to meet NFPA-701
  • Low Cohesion Formula - slightly less tacky
  • Custom runs available to meet specific needs: gauge, widths, put-ups, tints, etc.

Benefits of Plastic Tent Window Film:

There are several benefits when it comes to our Plastic Tent & Awning Film, such as:

  • Easy to Die Cut
  • Economical
  • High Clarity
  • Easy to unroll
  • Various Thicknesses
  • Wide Width Options
  • High Impact Resistance
  • UV Protection
  • Flame Retardant options
  • Good Dimensional Stability

Tent Window Film Specifications:


  • 3" cores
  • Thickness of .012" to .040"
    • Tent and Awning Grade - 4500 Series
      • .012" (.3mm) x 54" x 100yds
      • .014" (.35mm) x 72" x 90 yds
      • .016" (.4mm) x 54" x 70 yds
      • .020" (.5mm) x 54" x 60 yds
      • .020" (.5mm) x 72" x 64 yds x 150 lbs/roll
      • .030" (.75mm) x 54" x 40 yds
      • .040" (1mm)  x 54" x 30yds

Plastic Film Corporation is a proud member of the Marine Fabricators Association.

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Plastic Film Corporation's Double Polished Clear is a premium flexible PVC roll stock with UV inhibitors, ideal for the outdoor and marine market.

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