Tank Liners

Tank Liner

Plastic Film Corporation offers custom lining solutions for many industrial and commercial applications as well as a stock line of plastic / PVC liners. Our liners are suitable for use in lining ponds and tanks and for containment of high temperature liquids and corrosive chemicals, acids and waste.

We ship from warehouses throughout North America including:  Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Ontario, Canada.  Most solutions are self-installed, but we can provide installation assistance if requested.


Applications of PVC Liners

  • Decorative ponds
  • Lagoons
  • Aquaculture/fish grade pond liners
  • Retaining ponds
  • Cisterns
  • Irrigation canals

    PVC Geo-Membrane Liner Materials

    We offer a large variety of material thicknesses and widths:

    .020, .030, .040 .050, .060 MIL - Material Thickness

    Widths up to 85"


    PVC Tank Liners

    Drop-in High Temp and Standard Plating Tank Liners, containment for corrosive and high temp chemicals, acids and waste fluids:

    .030, .060 .9375, .125, .1875 MIL – Material Thickness

    Widths up to 60"

    Liquid Storage tank liner, fertilizer, water, liquid waste containment

    .014 to .060 MIL – Material Thickness


    Widths up to 144"


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