PVC Film

Plastic Film Corporation is a major distributor and manufacturer of Poly-vinyl Chloride / PVC film. We carry an extensive inventory of Opaque film, clear film and even a line of Expanded PVC films's in a variety of colors, gauges, emboss and size preferences. Our extensive stock selections are available throughout our warehouses in North America.

What is PVC (Vinyl) Film?

Also recognized as a thermoplastic material that can be highly manipulated with the application of heat, it is ideal for a wide range of manufactured applications. PVC itself has a high hardness structure but it can be made more flexible and soft by adding plasticizers.


Here at Plastic Film Corporation we specialize in offering high quality clear PVC film and opaque PVC film to any specifications that our clients desire, set to professional industry standards. Plastic Film Corporation has manufactured PVC film for a variety of applications.

Industrial Applications of PVC Film

Clear PVC Film

  • Binding - manufactured to meet the Binding Industry of America (BIA) Standards
  • Storm windows
  • Doors
  • Covers & Slipcovers
  • Wind and vapor barriers
  • Sheeting

Opaque PVC Film

  • Bookbinding
  • Stationery
  • POP
  • Packaging


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Opaque Line

Opaque Line

Plastic Film Corporation's Opaque Film for the Bookbinding, Stationery, POP and Packaging Industry is manufactured with 100% Virgin materials to allow for compatibility and consistency.

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Clear Line

Clear Line

Plastic Film's extensive Stock clear PVC line is manufactured to meet the Binding Industry of America (BIA) Standards.

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