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Plastic Film Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of polyurethane films. 

What is TPU Film?

Polyurethane Film is also commonly referred to as TPU, Urethane or PU film.  Thermal Plastic Urethane was first developed in 1937 and has for decades been used in the manufacture of a unique class of films.  Their are several properties that make TPU films preferable to common films such as PP, PE and PVC are.

Advantages of TPU Film

  • Excellent elongation and tensile strengths
  • Excellent elastomeric memory
  • Excellent chemical and microbial resistance
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility


There are three main chemical classes of TPU films. These include Polyester, Polyether and Polycaprolactone. In addition TPU films are available in aromatic or aliphatic varieties. Aromatic films are used in most consumer applications while aliphatic films are used in specialty applications that require high levels of optical clarity or specific adhesion properties.

Polyester TPU films are compatible with polar plastics such as PVC thus making them good choices for a wide variety of laminate. These films are commonly found in industrial aprons, conveyor belts, fabric laminates, geld pads and medical packaging. Among the excellent properties of Polyester TPU are:

  • Excellent fungal resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Excellent oil and chemical resistance


Polyether TPU films are the lowest specific gravity than Polyester or Polycaprolactone films and are more in a softer hand. These films are commonly used for a variety of applications such as medical mattresses, blood pressure cuffs, infusion bags, and surgical gowns. Among the benefits of Polyether TPU films are:

  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Excellent fungal, microbial and body oil resistance
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility
  • Excellent UV stability


Polycaprolactone TPU films have the toughness of Polyester TPU films while also offering a higher level of low temperature flexibility and moisture resistance. These films are an excellent choice for hydraulic or pneumatic seals.


PFC TPU Film Offerings

PFC will work with you to develop the film needed for your specific application. We produce films in all of the above chemistries in thickness of .004” to .015” and widths out to 52." We also offer stock products in both polyester and polyether films. Please feel free to request a free sample.

PFC Stock TPU Films

Polyester TPU Films (1-20 mil)
PFP-85437 85 Shore A
PFP-92277 P92 Shore A
Polyether TPU Films (1-20 mil)
82 Shore A
85 Shore A
87 Shore A
90 Shore A

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