Opaque PVC Film

colored plastic film

Plastic Film Corporation's Opaque Plastic Film for the Bookbinding, Stationery, POP and Packaging Industry is manufactured with 100% Virgin materials to allow for compatibility and consistency. We have developed our films to meet the requirements our clients have expected and demand. Standard Single Sided PVC with 3 embosses to choose from or a unique patented PVC line that was developed to lower the amount of inventory needed with the flexibility of having 2 embosses, all manufactured to the Binding Industry of America (BIA) Standards.

Opaque Film

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Colors shown on the screen are a good representation of the color but not exact. Please inquire about samples.

  • Single Embossed Film - .012 x 49", 125 yds/roll and 300 yds/roll
    • Suede: 1000 Series
      • Multiple colors available
    • Dull French Calf: 1700 Series
      • Multiple colors available
    • Shiny French Calf: 1800 Series
      • Available in White, Red and Black
    • Suede (Reprocessed Line): 600 Series
      • Available in White and Black
  • Double Embossed Film: 200 Series - .012 x 49" x 125 yds/roll
    • Developed and Patented by PFC
    • Suede(on one side) and Shiny French Calf (on the other)
    • Available in 45 Colors (show swatch card) Colors shown on the screen are a good representation of the color but not exact. Please inquire about samples
    • Double Embossed allowed for expanded capabilities of use and to lower basic inventory levels. With Double Embossed you were able to have two products on the floor without double the cost. This also has provided extra added benefits for certain products where a double sided emboss could improve the final product.

Specialty Opaque Film

  • Expanded PVC Film - .030 x 54" x 60 yds/roll
    • Castillian: 7200 Series
    • White
    • Banker's Grey
    • Forest Green
    • Burgundy
    • Royal Blue
    • Navy Blue
    • Black
  • Freeport: 7500 Series
    • Navy
    • Burgundy
    • Tan Print
    • Black

Various Prints and Embossing

  • Black Moire: 3000 Series - .013 x 54" x 100 yds/roll
  • Fluorescent Orange: 5600 Series - .010 x 54" x 112 yds/roll

**Custom runs are available in the items above to match for Color, Gauge, Emboss and size preferences. Please contact us (link) if custom information is needed.


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