Removable Metal Binder Rings

binder rings binder ring

Plastic Film's ring metals are designed for use on vinyl, polypropylene, turned-edge and polyethylene binder products. Our Binder Flat line includes quality clear overlay binders to maximize the performance capabilities of our 3 ring binder ring metal. 

After use, the ring metal can be used in standard hanging file drawers in a filing system. After removing the ring metal from the binder flat, simply expand the clips on each end and place the metal in the file drawer. The flip side of the metal can be used to label documents.

Packaging and freight costs are reduced by maximizing product space. While riveted binders cause excessive air to be shipped when sending to stores, the "build-your-own" binder concept eliminates over 40% of the open space sacrificed during shipping and delivers more product and less air on each skid. It's just another example of PFC's commitment to green products.

Removable Metal Binder Ring Adantages

  • Versatility -use this on PVC, PP or Turned-edge Binder Products.
  • Flexibility -put the ring metal on the Spine or Back cover, which ever works best for your needs.
  • File It -Ring Metal can be filed in a file cabinet without having to remove the paper.
  • Recyclable -separate the Ring from the Binder and eliminate binders from being thrown into our landfills.
  • Thrifty -less packaging, less inventory space and lower freight costs in bulk shipping


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BQ280 Series

Size Part No. Ring Type Pieces/Carton Base Width
0.5"   Round ring 300/carton 17mm base
1"   Round ring 300/carton 17mm base
1.5"   Round ring 200/carton 20mm base
2"   Round ring 120/carton 26mm base
2.5"   Round ring 96/carton 36mm base
3"   Round ring 60/carton 40mm base
0.5"   Angle D 280/carton 17mm base
1"   Angle D 200/carton 20mm base
1.5"   Angle D 100/carton 26mm base
2"   Angle D 60/carton 36mm base
2.5"   Angle D 60/carton 36mm base
3"   Angle D 60/carton 45mm base

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